Digital Art with Bob Ross

I think digital art and design are really important for all artists today to become familiar with. Plus, it’s a fun way to explore different mediums,  styles and ideas. That’s one of the reasons I love drawing digitally, especially with the program autodesk sketchbook. It’s free and has tons of free tools. You can create art in any medium you can think of, including charcoal, copic markers, oils and etc. It’s something that I had meant to explore for a while, when one day I found the time, and decided to paint with Bob Ross on my computer. Digital or not, painting with Bob Ross really fun. You get to explore the creative process of an amazing artist and paint alongside him as he gives you tips and tricks. Of course most of this advice didn’t apply to me sense I was painting digitally, but it was fun to problem-solve and work my way through the barriers.  I greatly recommend doing this exercise, it was a lot of fun and I think I grew a lot as an artist.

a painting of woods turning colors to the fall. They surround a small pond. the sun sets behind the scene.

Renewing Commitment

There are a few things -that I think- all artists have in common. One, we all procrastinate. Two, we all beat ourselves up for not being good enough. And three, we are all learning. As artist’s, we are constantly striving for improvement, and yet are often scared to achieve it. For a while now I have been hesitant to take up new projects, to put more work into my sketches, to try new things, but there is a simple principle that I am trying better to live by: If you want to do something, do it! I you want to achieve something, work for it! I you want to be something, live it! I want to do great things, I want to achieve my goals, I want to be better. So, I’ll do it, I’ll work for it, I’ll try to live that way.

But I’m an artist. I procrastinate, I beat myself up. I’m learning.

So, I think after the few years I’ve ignored this site and avoided confronting it -among other things- I’ll start working on it again.


Still Life-Shoes

In my art club, we did a project where we had to draw these shoes. Every tuesday we would all gather around to draw the shoes from our own point of view. It was really fun, sometimes when I was having trouble I’d walk around and look at everyone else’s.  It was cool to see that even though we were drawing the same pair of shoes, it looked different to every person.  But, we would all get really angery when someone would move the shoes though. One lace moved just a fraction of a centimeter seemed to mess the whole thing up.